How can I earn through Facebook? There are many authentic ways to earn through Facebook but the first important is knowing about Facebook\’s monetization policy.

Before start earn through Facebook: review our Facebook Monetization Eligibility

There are a handful of methods for how can I earn through Facebook or Facebook content, but first, we must be eligible to do so. This means our Facebook page and the content we post on it must according to the platform’s eligibility conditions, which are grouped into 3 major categories:

  1. Facebook Community Standards: these are the platform’s foundational laws, such as no graphic or hazardous content
  2. Partner Monetization Policies: these laws are for our Facebook page as a whole, as nicely as the content we create, how we share our content, and how we receive and make online payments
  3. Content Monetization Policies: these are content-level laws that use for every piece of content we post, such as no violent or offensive content

To check the eligibility, go to the Facebook section of our Creator Studio and press on the Monetization tab. Choose which pages we want to see our monetization eligibility for—we will also be providing other monetization information about the page.


Once we’re eligible to monetize our Facebook content, staying eligible is essential if we like to sell on Facebook. Regularly check the platform’s Community Standards, keep our domain pure with high-quality content, and ensure we have the rights to post our content. If for some cause our page becomes ineligible, Facebook will inform us through the Monetization tab in our Creator Studio dashboard, along with the reason we’re no longer eligible.

How can I Earn Through Facebook?

How can I earn through Facebook? 6 Best ways are listed below:

  1. Create videos with in-stream ads
  2.  Add a paid subscription to our page
  3. Cooperate with brand
  4. Earn cash directly from your fan
  5. Run paid events online
  6. Drive customers to your online store

1. Create videos with in-stream ads

In-stream ads attract the engagement of a captured audience and are perfect for creators and brands with a suitable audience. When a user are halfway through monitoring a Facebook video, they are more likely to watch the whole of an ad if it indicates they can resume on with the authentic content—unlike a standalone ad in their feed, which they’re better probably to skip.

In-stream ads in action:

Water Bottled brand LIFEWTR wanted to boost brand awareness and develop a positive, innovative view of its creation. So it executed quick in-stream ads that ran in the middle of feed videos as nicely as effects like Facebook Watch, showcasing its community art tasks through effective graphic stories. The campaign resulted in a two-times ride in brand awareness and a 1.9 times more elevated lift in ad remembrance.


Why it performed: LIFEWTR used in-stream ads to convey a story and maintain the concentration of an already-captive audience.

Get started: Think about what we want to reach with our videos or posts and what stories we can tell about our brand. If we like to promote mid-roll, attempt adding in one- to two-second natural breaks when we create our videos where an in-stream ad could slot in.

As nicely as completing Facebook’s eligibility criteria, videos must be over one minute in size and influencers need at least 10,000 page followers to execute in-stream ads. These tips are used by brands that like to pay to execute in-stream ads.

2. Add a paid subscription to our page

Develop consistent monthly income via fan subscriptions, which enable our most faithful followers to produce a regular sum to finance our page. This is a significant method for brands and developers with large, engaged audiences to monetize their pages and bonus fans with complete content and discounts. The “stars” characteristic lets users purchase a pack of stars to send guidance to their favorite creators for extra earnings.

Fan subscriptions in action:

The Vegan Baker has assembled an individual Facebook Group for followers of the brand. Fans are charged $4.99 a month to access entire content and discounts. They are also capable of sending better advice through Facebook’s stars feature for a bit of content they especially appreciate.


Why it worked: The Vegan Baker can monetize its engaged audience while awarding users with premier content. The stars element enables the brand to determine which types of content serve best and boost engagement with a tight-knit characteristic of its supporters.

Get started: Fan subscriptions are only open on an invitation base at this point. Users can open fan subscriptions when they have 10,000 followers or more than 250 rescue watchers, and either 50,000 post engagements or 180,000 watch minutes.

Once we’ve accepted our invitation, we can select what advantages we like subscribers to get, produce a promotional video to establish our subscription courtesy, and film a thank you video to receive new subscribers.

3. Cooperate with brands

Produce content with a suitable, complementary partner to boost our reach and diversify our content output. There is an abundance of brands that like to work with influencers, inventors, and other organizations to get new audiences and boost brand awareness, and this can be a significant method to boost our supporter count and develop engagement.

Brand collaboration in action: 

StyleNow Feed partnered with Jasper’s Boutique to get followers of both brand\’s new content. The paid partnership permitted the two firms to cooperate on suitable content that aligned with the requirements of both their followers and users and could connect on each part of the content to understand more about each brand.


Why it worked: The 2 brands are well-settled and have identical but not identical audiences, which meant they could open a new feature of followers by getting users who already had a powerful relationship with the associate brand.

Get started: Before we can start labeling business fellows in posts, we have to ask for access. Once we’ve done that, we can access cooperation opportunities and view understandings inside the Brand Collabs Manager.

This kind of monetization strategy is most useful for Pages with an engaged, faithful following who post content that most labels won’t view as dangerous.

4. Earn cash directly from your fans

Fans who sign up for Facebook Stars can purchase Stars to exhibit their gratefulness for your content. When a watcher watches one of your live streams or plays your videos or Reels, they can press the Star icon to send stars to your developer page. Facebook will spend $0.01 for every Star you obtain on your content.

5. Run paid events online

Engage supporters through a live event they can want from the reassurance of their own homes. Facebook’s paid events part lets you plan, set up, and handle events through your page, which is excellent for creators and companies moving in-person events online.

6. Drive customers to your online store

Direct shoppers from your Facebook page to your Shopify store or site via the platform’s social business components. This is a significant method for brands who already have a small business on Facebook to catch customers mid-scroll with shoppable ads and effective calls to action. You can rotate well-performing shoppable posts into spent ads to drive more traffic and represent a new target audience you’d want to reach.

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