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The control center of the iPhone contains many buttons to easily access apps and abilities across the device including screen recording, and how users can screen record on iPhone.

  • Some of the latest devices may automatically come with a control center that easily enables screen record on iPhone from settings, users who do not have it in their devices add them via the iPhone setting.
  • The option of screen record on iPhone is added to the control center, the user can start the screen recording from the control center.
  • Screen recording automatically saves the photos if you have storage on your device.

Enable screen record on iPhone from the control center :


To enable screen recording, go to Settings, Content, and Privacy, select Content Restrictions, click Screen Recording, and choose Allow. To add Screen recording to the control center on an iPhone, go to settings, Go visit the Control center, Enable accessibility within apps, and select circled, green plus sign next to screen recording. From there, users will be able to go directly to the Control Center accessible by gently sliding down the top-right corner of the iPhone and recording the screen by clicking the screen recording icon.

How to Screen Record on iPhone:


To screen recording on iPhone, go to the control center and select the screen recording icon. Users have three seconds before recording, indicated by a highlighted and blinking recording symbol. Users should click the same icon to stop the screen recording. To make sure the screen recording picks up sound from the screen, turn on the iPhone ringer. To add voice-over to a screen recording, enable the microphone by pressing down on the screen recording icon, and selecting it after the microphone icon appears. 

Editing the Screen Recording :


The Screen Recording is go to the photos library and go to the Screen Recording icon in the control center to ensure that Photos are selected as the destination for the Screen Recording. There are many third-party applications to edit the screen recording, the iPhone also edits the screen recording as well.

Best 5 screen recording apps for iPhone

  1. iOS Screen Recorder: This is built into the iPhone\’s operating system. Simply swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen to open Control Center, then tap the Screen Recording icon to start recording.
  2. TechSmith Capture: Formerly known as Jing, TechSmith Capture allows you to capture video from your screen, add narration, and easily share your recordings.
  3. DU Recorder: DU Recorder is a versatile screen recording app that offers high-quality video recording, screen capture, and video editing features. It\’s popular for its simplicity and comprehensive feature set.
  4. AirShou: AirShou is another popular choice for screen recording on iPhone. It provides smooth recording with high-quality output and offers features like adding audio commentary while recording.
  5. Record it!: Record it! is a user-friendly screen recording app that allows you to capture your screen with just a few taps. It offers features like video editing, adding text and stickers, and sharing directly to social media platforms.


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How to Screen Record on Mac

Here’s how to enable screen recording on our Mac:

  1. Tap ⌘ the (Command) key Shift + 5 simultaneously to extend the Screenshot toolbar.
  2. Choose either Record Entire Screen (the 4th icon on it), or Record Selected Portion (the 5th icon) on the toolbar.  We can glide over the icons to see what they do.
  3. If we like to record a typical portion of our screen, choose Record Selected Portion (the 5th icon) and highlight the area we like to record.
  4. Press on Record.


Our full Mac screen, or the portion of our Mac we highlighted, will directly record video. Press the stop icon in the menu bar to finish the screen recording. We can also TAP ⌘ (Command) + Control + Escape to finish screen recording on Mac, or hit Escape BUTTON to cancel our Mac screen recording before it begins.

Below, we’ll also display how to record our screen with Voice on Mac.

How to enable the record screen option with audio on our Mac

By default, Macs record without sound, but they do have an alternative for screen recording with Mp3.

Here’s how to record our screen and Voice at the same time on Mac:

  1. Extend the Screenshot Toolbar or open QuickTime Player > File > New Screen Recording.
  2. Press Options, then choose our best microphone for the audio recording.
  3. Select either Record Full Screen or Record Selected Portion.
  4. Tap Record.
  5. Extend the Screenshot Toolbar or open QuickTime Player > File > New Screen Recording.
  6. Press Options, then choose our best microphone for the audio recording.
  7. Select either Record Full Screen or Record Selected Portion.
  8. Tap Record

Best 5 Screen Recorders software for mac

  1. ScreenFlow: Renowned for its robust feature set, ScreenFlow is a favorite among content creators and professionals alike. Its intuitive interface allows for easy recording, editing, and sharing of high-quality videos. With advanced editing capabilities like multi-channel audio mixing and support for animations and annotations, ScreenFlow empowers users to produce polished and professional-looking content effortlessly.
  2. Camtasia: Developed by TechSmith, Camtasia is a powerful screen recording and video editing software that\’s perfect for Mac users seeking versatility and ease of use. With its drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of editing tools, including animations, effects, and customizable templates, Camtasia streamlines the video creation process, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users.
  3. QuickTime Player: Often overlooked, QuickTime Player comes pre-installed on every Mac and offers basic screen recording functionality that gets the job done without any frills. While lacking advanced editing features, QuickTime Player is a reliable option for quick and straightforward screen recordings, making it suitable for casual users or those on a budget.
  4. OBS Studio: Short for Open Broadcaster Software, OBS Studio is an open-source screen recording and live streaming software cherished by gamers, educators, and live streamers alike. Despite its slightly steeper learning curve compared to other options, OBS Studio provides unparalleled customization and control over your recordings, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your screen capture to your liking.
  5. Snagit: If you\’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful screen recording solution, look no further than Snagit. Developed by TechSmith, the same company behind Camtasia, Snagit offers a simplified approach to screen capture with features like panoramic scrolling capture and built-in annotation tools. Whether you\’re capturing screenshots or recording videos, Snagit excels in providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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