How to Make Money from Your Phone is so easy in today\’s modern world. Here we discussed the 11 best methods to make money from your phone.

11 Ways of how to make money from your phone :

1. Sell Your Old Things


Do you have some old garments, furnishings, or textbooks you could do without? (Or anything, for that concern!)

There are many types of mobile applications you can use to sell them and earn some extra money.

2. Trade in Your Old Things on Amazon

Here’s another choice for you to make money from your phone that applies to selling belongings that you don’t require anymore. This opportunity doesn’t make you money but can give you gift cards.

Amazon has a generous trade-in program worldwide that lets you send in tech things like Amazon Devices, smartphones, accessories, video games, and more.

If your thing is suitable, you’ll acquire a straightforward request for an Amazon gift card or a promotional credit toward the buy of a unique gadget.

There are no costs, and Amazon will wrap the shipping charges and ship you a free shipping slip.


3. Use Investment Applications

While you are looking for extra cash right now, one of the finest determinations you can make is to fix yourself up for the fortune, also.

There are some great investment applications out there that can assist you to make money from your phone today, while also raising your worth as you get more senior. Like,


Betterment app helps you to make money from your phone. Made for people who like to take the power of their finances, Betterment is a mixture of investments and redemptions. You can use the application to set plans, and then make a custom investment strategy that will assist you to get those destinations. If investments deliver you a headache, you can fix up an automated monthly guarantee and ignore it.

4. Sell Your Data

For some people, the thought of installing applications on your phone and “selling” your data is a piece of a charge of personal privacy. But if you don’t assume so, this is one of the superior ways to make money from your phone without having to do any additional assignments.

For example, Nielsen

Nielsen offers an innovative way to earn rewards by participating in market research. By sharing your opinions and data on media consumption habits, you can earn points redeemable for various rewards. From gift cards to merchandise, Nielsen\’s platform incentivizes your participation, ensuring your voice is heard while you earn valuable perks.

5. Be a User Testing Participant

Brands like to know what people feel about their creations and assistance. And some of them will spend you to tell them your ideas.

UserTesting is a business that assists brands obtain this worthwhile feedback so they can resume making their offerings more useful.

According to the site, participants can earn USD 4 to 5 for a 5-minute user test and $10 to 12 for a 20-minute user test. For live discussions, you can achieve anywhere from $31 to $120.

To sign up, you’ll be required to answer some screening queries so that UserTesting can fit you up with relevant creations and assistance to test out.

6. Fill Out Surveys

You’ve likely listened to surveys before. While they may not be the definitive most useful use of your time, they might be a good concept if you’re adhered to in the house, on your everyday commute, or delaying in the queue at the DMV. Let’s look at a pair of popular survey applications like InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie.

7. Sell Your Pictures


Love photographing pictures with your selfie stick? Maybe you choose yourself a bit of an inexperienced photographer with your latest iPhone. Carrying a few engaging images could be all it takes to make some extra cash through apps like FOAP. This is the finest path to make money from your phone.

8. Run a Shopify Store for Earning

Running a Shopify store from your phone is a good decision to make money from your phone. Did you understand you can handle an e-commerce shop from the palm of your hand?

That’s right — Shopify presents a mobile application that lets you access everything demanded to operate your shop from your phone.

You can operate the Shopify application to add creations, manage products, complete demands, resemble sales channels, speak with clients, and even keep income levels in review.

9. Earn Prizes for Playing Games

There are thousands of games available in today’s phone application market. While most will specifically provide you with a path to consume your time, there are few applications out there to help you make money from your phone while having fun similarly.

For example, Mistplay is an application that lets you how to make money from your phone by playing games. Mistplay offers an exciting opportunity to earn money directly from your phone. By playing mobile games through the Mistplay app, users accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash rewards. Simply download the app, select games from their curated list, and start playing to earn points. The more you play, the more points you earn. With a wide range of game genres available, from puzzles to action-packed adventures, Mistplay ensures there\’s something for everyone. It\’s a fun and convenient way to monetize your gaming hobby and turn your phone into a source of income.

10. Get Paid for Walking

Most of us walk a future already – whether it’s grabbing a walk with your dog or only commuting to the office. Like, Sweatcoin.

\”Sweatcoin, the app revolutionizing fitness tracking, rewards users with digital currency for their steps. As you stride towards health goals, Sweatcoin converts your physical activity into Sweatcoins, which can be redeemed for exciting rewards. From gadgets to experiences, every step counts towards earning rewards that motivate and incentivize your fitness journey.\”

11. Earn While Defending the Environment

Why not make your wallet and the earth slightly greener at the exact time?

Cleanspace is a wonderful application that presents freebies and deals to people who save themselves and the atmosphere.

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