How to screenshot on Mac

You can use them to track work and share feedback with your team members. And who doesn\’t love sending funny memes and gossip about the latest celebrity feuds?


Computers have built-in screenshotting functions that make it extremely easy to take a basic capture of your screen.

There\’s something for everyone\’s screenshot needs. Now, let\’s take a look at how to screenshot on Mac.

What is a screenshot?

This makes it super easy to share an error message with IT, make fun of your latest project, or even send funny memes to your co-workers.

They are helpful in many situations, making them an essential part of people\’s work days.

Different ways to take a screenshot on Mac:

However, there are downloadable software designed for advanced screen capture.

With a third-party tool like Snagit, you\’ll quickly forget your basic, black screenshots and create visual masterpieces instead. In three easy steps, you can create a capture, edit it to suit your needs, and share it with anyone and this is how to screenshot on Mac.

Whether you plan to use our built-in tool or download a third-party app, we\’re here to help you fully, and that is how to screenshot on Mac.

I am using keyboard shortcuts.\"how

Shift Command 3 is the most straightforward option. It\’s the go-to choice for anyone wondering how to screenshot on Mac effortlessly. From there, you can either:

  • Press and release the space bar. This will change your mouse from a crosshair to a camera icon. Release the mouse button or trackpad on the window and thus that is how to screenshot on the Mac you want to capture. This option also lets you capture specific windows.
  • Click and drag the crosshairs to the desired dimensions. Once you release your mouse button or trackpad, your Mac will immediately snap to the selected area.

Using the Screenshot app.

Macs have a built-in Screenshot app that allows you to take more accurate and curated captures than the keyboard shortcuts above.

This is a screenshot app. Three screenshot buttons will let you perform these options:

  • Capture the entire screen.
  • Capture a portion of the screen.
  • Single window capture.
  • Record the entire screen.
  • Record a portion of the screen.
  • how to screenshot on Mac

Choose whichever one suits your needs and get to screenshotting! It\’s important to note that they won\’t be copied to your clipboard at this point.

Expert Tip: By pressing the Control (Ctrl) key along with your keyboard shortcuts (eg: Shift Command 3 Control), your screenshot will be copied to your clipboard.

Use of Third-Party Applications:

Do you use screenshots more than a few times a year? If so, you\’ll benefit from trying an advanced screen capture and screen recording tool.

This is why third-party applications have become an indispensable tool for many professionals. Applications like Snagit provide this how-to screenshot on Mac with countless editing and sharing options. This makes it an essential tool for anyone who relies on screenshots to share information as the functionality can save you a lot of time.

Snagit provides users with advanced features that are easy to use, such as scrolling capture. It allows users to take a screenshot of an entire, scrolling web page without the hassle of stitching multiple screenshots together.

You can also create videos from photos to quickly and easily explain the process.

Snagit brings a lot more flexibility and creativity to your screenshots than the built-in snapping tools.

Best 5 Software for screenshot on Mac

Capturing the perfect screenshot on Mac is a breeze with the right software. Here are the top five tools for screenshot on Mac:

  1. Snagit: Renowned for its versatility and ease of use, Snagit offers a comprehensive suite of screenshot tools. From capturing specific regions to full-screen snapshots, Snagit allows for precise editing with features like annotations and cropping.
  2. Lightshot: With its lightweight interface and intuitive controls, Lightshot is perfect for quick and effortless screenshots. Its customizable hotkeys enable seamless capturing, while its editing tools allow for instant annotation and sharing.
  3. Skitch: Developed by Evernote, Skitch combines simplicity with powerful annotation features. Whether it\’s highlighting important details or adding text and shapes, Skitch lets you customize your screenshots with ease.
  4. Jing: Another offering from TechSmith, Jing excels in capturing both images and videos. Its straightforward interface makes it ideal for beginners, while its basic editing tools allow for quick adjustments before sharing.
  5. Monosnap: Known for its robust editing capabilities, Monosnap offers advanced features like pixelation and blurring for sensitive information. Its cloud integration enables seamless sharing across devices, making collaboration a breeze.

How to edit and save screenshots?\"how

Adding text, marking up your screen, and cropping out what you don\’t need all make your screenshots easier to understand.

Click the icon to open the Apple preview inside your screenshot. This is where you\’ll be able to edit your capture.

Add shapes, change color textures, add text, draw on screen, and more.

Or, you can edit your screenshots in Apple\’s presentation tool Keynote. This app has various features, such as adding shadows and effects.

It\’s packed with helpful features like a handy tool that lets you block unwanted text to preserve information and keep your screenshots less cluttered. It makes it easy to rearrange information, show possible edits, and change workflows.

Organize and manage screenshots.

The first step to keeping your captures organized is naming them appropriately. To make retrieval faster, use file names that you can easily remember!

All desktops have a file library. File your screenshots in the designated folder and rename them. It will remind you which files are together and where to find them.

All of these management tools are built into your Mac device.

Snagit\’s library organizes screenshots just like your Mac but uses an advanced filing system. Your captures will be automatically organized by application, website, and month which is how to screenshot on Mac.

This neat feature lets you search for your screenshots in multiple places.  And there you have it!

For more advanced screen capture, we recommend you look into third-party applications.

Look good, feel good, and how to screenshot on Mac communicate with clear intent using Snagit.

Well, you\’ve learned how to screenshot on Mac using various built-in shortcuts and the best third-party app for your needs.

So, go to screenshotting and have fun doing better and smarter!

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