How to Set Timer on the iPhone Camera for Better Photos or Selfies

When we capture family photos, group pictures, or selfies, we require some time to be ready for poses or face presentations. Then camera self-timer displays its edge. Apple instructed the camera self-timer characteristic in iOS 8, which allows us to fix a countdown timer before a picture is photoed. Android assumed this feature prematurely than iOS. This article mainly concentrates on how to set timers on iPhones and presents 5 best camera self-timer applications for iPhones.

How to Set Timer on the iPhone Camera, In Shortly;

  • The function set timer on the iPhone camera allows us to delay clicking a picture after pressing the shutter button.
  • This delay permits us to confirm everything is in place before the iPhone camera clicks picture 3 at the end of the counting.
  • We can select between a 3-sec to 10-sec set timer on the iPhone camera delay between thumping the shutter button and when the shot is clicked.

Ever sensed the need for more seconds to frame that excellent photo on your iPhone camera? or desired somebody to be there to click our group shots so that no one has to skip being in the image? Well, not anymore; the se timer on the iPhone camera settings (whether it’s iPhone 15 Pro max or previous Apple models) permits us to set the timer on the iPhone camera a delay before the picture is assumed. It’s good for group shots, selfies, or capturing an excellent image without pushing the shutter button. Maintain reading to know how to set a timer on the iPhone camera.




Set Timer on the iPhone Camera


Secreted within the camera settings on our iPhone, the timer part presents a short delay between striking the shutter button and clicking the image. Yes, we can also use our Apple Watch camera app to do so, but that can occasionally disrupt the arrangement. Here’s how we set a timer on the iPhone Camera :

  • Open the Camera application on your Apple phone, and press the Upward Arrow button in the upper middle.
  • Nowadays, find and press the Timer button in the menu above the Shutter button.
  • Here, set the timer period, you can either select the timer for 3 Secs or 10 Secs. In our topic, we set the timer for only 3 sec.
  • After setting the timer period, set your iPhone on an unmoving area or a tripod for a constant picture. Alternatively, carry the iPhone firmly, framing your image as expected.
  • Once accomplished with the formatting, press the Camera Shutter button to begin the timer.
  • The timer will start its countdown, distinguished by an optical production.
  • Once the timer accumulates to “1”, the shutter will automatically be activated, and the image will get clicked.

Benefits of set Timer on the iPhone Camera


  • Group Harmony: The iPhone camera is a boon when we are required to click a group picture, as it will confirm that everyone brings sufficient time to prepare for the image. It also ensures no one skips being in the image, giving us adequate time to get into position before the camera is captured.
  • Stability & Clarity: Setting your iPhone on an unmoving place or tripod while operating the timer helps lower shake, thus resulting in more exact and more acute images. This strength especially improves the widespread quality of the image, specifically in low-light situations or when catching long orientations.
  • Better Selfies: clicking selfies becomes an art shape with the timer. Rather than hastily photographing a shot, the iPhone camera timer

5 best apps to set timer on the iPhone camera

Unfortunately, there is no graphic or sound expression for the countdown. The choices of delay time are also finite. Many people assume it is irritating when the burst mode is ruined. So we want to instruct you on the five camera self-timer applications for iPhone to set timer on the iPhone camera.


1. Self Timer

\”Using the Self Timer app to Set Timer on the iPhone Camera for snapping photos is a breeze! First, locate the app in your phone\’s menu. Once opened, set the timer to your desired duration, perhaps 3 or 5 seconds to give yourself time to pose. Next, position your iPhone securely on a stable surface or tripod. Then, press the shutter button and strike your pose! The timer will count down, giving you a heads-up before capturing the perfect shot. It\’s a handy tool for capturing group photos or selfies without needing someone else to take the picture. Happy snapping!\”


\”Unlock the potential of your iPhone\’s camera with the TimerCam app by Set Timer on the iPhone Camera! Start by downloading and launching the app from the App Store. Once open, select your desired timer duration, whether it\’s 3, 5, or 10 seconds. Next, position your iPhone securely or attach it to a tripod for stability. Then, tap the shutter button and get ready to pose! The countdown begins, giving you ample time to strike the perfect pose. TimerCam is your go-to tool for capturing solo shots or group photos without needing assistance. Say cheese and let TimerCam do the rest!\”



\”Using the Camera+ app on your iPhone for Set Timer on the iPhone Camera is a breeze! First, download the app from the App Store. Once installed, open it up and explore its features. Tap the shutter button to take a quick photo, or use the volume buttons as a convenient alternative. You can also experiment with different shooting modes like macro or portrait for diverse shots. Need some adjustments? No worries! Camera+ offers editing tools to enhance your masterpiece right within the app. It\’s your go-to tool for capturing stunning photos with just a few taps. Happy clicking!\”


\”Transform your iPhone into a photography powerhouse with GorillaCam! Download the app from the App Store, open it up, and start capturing breathtaking photos. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, GorillaCam makes it easy to snap perfect shots anytime, anywhere. Get ready to unleash your creativity!\”

5. Time Auto Camera

\”Capture moments effortlessly with the Time Auto Camera app on your iPhone with the set timer on the iPhone camera! Simply download the app from the App Store, open it, and set your desired time interval. Once configured, the app will automatically take photos at your chosen intervals, letting you focus on the moment. It\’s photography made easy!\”

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