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What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a chatbot that suggests more than 200,000 AI characters. Separated into 52+ categories, you can discover any character a logic can (and can’t) imagine. It also keeps NSFW characters.

Users can make public characters or create them personally. Like many identical platforms, I’ll say later, Janitor AI needs no technical knowledge, making it beginner-familiar.

How to Choose the Best Janitor AI Alternatives?

To pick the best Janitor AI alternatives, you must specify if you like an answer with identical or different characteristics. There are many favors with identical interfaces and characteristics, but some Janitor AI alternatives offer a few spares that Janitor AI lacks, so I’ll concentrate on them.

Maybe you don’t like to spend money on a Janitor AI account, so you examine for an equivalent some Janitor AI alternatives with a free trial. Or you don’t want the interface and find it difficult to concentrate on your characters and chat with them.

Best 5 Janitor AI Alternatives

These are the best Janitor AI Alternatives I came across.

1. SpicyChat AI


If you’re used to the Janitor AI interface, you won’t have issues getting used to SpicyChat AI. It shows an identical user experience and output quality. But it is perfect Janitor AI Alternatives.

To use it, you’ll require a free account. Recall that the waiting time for free accounts can differ, and you’ll have to subscribe to ignore the queue. This is a significant distinction, as Janitor AI doesn’t have this waiting tool.

A subscription program of $5 per month grants you priority entrance to SpicyChat AI.

As the name recommends, the venue is NSFW-friendly. Yet, you can only select among 48,000 available characters (Janitor AI has 210,000).

The character design technique is almost similar, with the distinction that it’s just faster on SpicyChat AI. This also signifies you have fewer choices to describe your character’s profiles.

Getting help using this venue is comfortable. Everything is well established on their Documents page. You’ll possibly require this only if you like to make and squeeze your characters since using the premade ones is specific.

2. Tavern AI


Tavern AI is a completely free and open-source frontend for AI chatbots.

This indicates you only obtain the interface you interact with but always require a backend. I’m having it at the top of the list because of the opportunity behind this!

You can unite famous examples like Chat-GPT or KoboldAI from the same interface. You can even squeeze the evolved settings to get the expected output.

The most important benefit of Tavern AI is that it contains tools to bypass some restrictions on famous AI models. OpenAI doesn’t keep NSFW content by default. Nevertheless, while using Tavern AI and OpenAI API, you’ll see it functions like a charm!

Analogized to Janitor AI, it needs a bit more bother to set it up, as you must run it on your PC. The bonus is fresh and otherwise stopped content directly from the best AI models.

If you’re tired of the lifelessness of the Janitor AI character’s output, this can be a significant method to go. You can even squeeze the advanced settings or change the backend ideal if you get bored.

3. Replika


Replika is the most optimized Janitor AI alternative on this list. The entire experience is very advanced and doesn’t remind you of the traditional interfaces you can discover in other AI chatbots.

Unlike Janitor AI, Replika permits you to customize the graphic appearance of your character.

The experience of using Replika is gamified and catchy. It’s safe to say it’s one of the most attractive Janitor AI alternatives.

After you make the characters, you can execute different conversational activities. You can also ‘increase’ their skillfulness in a special area. Again, no technical experience is required.

You’re on your own when you make a character in Janitor AI. With Replika, the AI co-creates the character with you, optimizing the experience.

Using Replika is supposed like playing modern-day Sims in a little different context. Whether you like to role-playrehearse connection skillfulness, or discuss, it’ll get the job accomplished.

4. Character.ai


Character.ai is one of the most famous AI chatbots with advanced assembly characteristics. It is one of the best janitor AI Alternatives.

These are mostly introduced towards forum relations. This varies from what you can discover in Janitor AI, such as comments on characters and public chat records.

Unlike Janitor AI, this solution presents some advanced techniques for interactions. These contain premade commands, which can be useful if you’re after-business AI characters.

Some of the most familiar varieties for characters are games, anime, and helpers. The last one is thrilling as it can help you improve productivity.

Another thing to note is that Character.ai supports many languages, while Janitor AI is only created for interactions in English.

The user interface is decently managed, and for any problems one might experience, there’s an in-depth guide available. This creates a fine solution for beginners using the advanced characteristics noted earlier.

There are three different commodities you should be aware of:

  • Character
  • Room
  • Persona

Characters guide to AI characters featured on the outlets we’re discussing today. Rooms can contain multiple characters (yours or created by others). Persona represents you as the user, and you can have different ones.

5. Candy.ai


Candy.ai is a famous Janitor AI alternatives for NSFW content. The venue aims to help you make your greatest AI girlfriend or boyfriend.

You can also interact with premade characters, either practical or anime. A superior feature is that you can get voice messages mailed by characters AI.

This solution has one of the most useful AI image generation integrations. While interacting with any of the characters, you can request them to send a photo of themselves. Recall, these photos are context-developed, which makes the experience immersive.

The venue itself is structured as an AI-generated Tinder. The photos, descriptions, and chats are completely generated, but it doesn’t appear so on the first look. Further, both male and female characters are available.

You are required to register for an account to use any of these characteristics.

After some messages or generated images, you’ll be requested to subscribe to a paid plan. In other words, don’t depend on Candy.ai as an alternative if you’re not willing to spend money on it.


After showing you my 5 favorite Janitor AI alternatives, I’d want to sum it up by stating it’s all up to your requirements. To use numerous AI models with identical characters and get excellent contextual responses, check out Tavern AI.

Candy.ai,Character.ai and SpicyChat AI show an identical experience with the occasionally more OK context of discussions than Janitor AI. Ultimately, if you like the most comprehensive character library, survive with Janitor AI, as no other medium offers 210,000 premade AI characters.

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